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A changing world – driven by technology


About This Video

Do any of you ever think about how much of what you've done so far today would not have been possible without software? Mobile, internet, running your car, digital radio, MP3 players, etc. When we look at the larger social stuff, we can mention New World of Work and traffic liquidation, environmentally friendly houses, hybrid cars, satellite navigation, DNA analysis, nanotechnology, revolutionary new medicines, the list is almost endless. My assertion is that we hadn't had modern society without IT!
Our world is now changing driven by technology rather than by evolution. This keynote session will look at 2 trends that will dominate the next wave of IT and as such change the world. That implies that you who’s currently taking an IT education are in the driver's seat in relation to how the world will evolve.


Luc Van de Velde is Director Developer & Platform group for Microsoft Belgium. In this role he’s responsibility for winning the hearts and minds of technical audiences including IT-professionals, Architects, developers and academics and get them thinking about the next big technology swing. He started at Microsoft in ’99 leading the consulting department, and after that he worked on building partner channel capacity and capabilities to support Microsoft solutions. Luc is a long-term IT veteran who started his career in 1985 and has built his professional experience before Microsoft on Mainframe and UNIX at IT companies like Computer Associates and Informix. Part of his job is leading the Software + Services paradigm shift in Belgium of which cloud computing is one of the important chunks.

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Published Date: June 14, 2011
Presented By: Anthony de Bruyn




Video: WMV (ZIP) (no longer available)