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ACE From the Field: Carric ´DEFCON Goon´ Dooley


About This Video
We’ve invited Talhah Mir, from Microsoft Information Security, to interview folks from the ACE Team that currently work on the field for a weekly video series.

Carric visited us recently in Redmond from his hometown of London, UK. In this interview, Carric brings his broad experience in the security field (including his work at Foundstone) to discuss thoughts on penetration testing, completeness of security assessments, regulatory compliance as well as the current landscape of security with ubiquity of data and other items including Microsoft’s progress in security. Come learn about the “hot sexy ju ju” and why always following it may not be a sound security strategy. We’ll be sure to discuss his experience as a member of the physical security team at DEFCON next time around.

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Published Date: July 23, 2009
Presented By: Jossie




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