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ACE From the Field: Roger Grimes & Securing the Internet


About This Video
We’ve invited Talhah Mir, from Microsoft Information Security, to interview folks from the ACE Team that currently work on the field for a weekly video series.

Roger visited us from Virginia Beach, VA. In this interview, Roger discusses his lifelong passion for making the internet more secure. Starting his security career by disassembling viruses for John MacAfee, after two decades of security experience Roger has co-authored 8 different books on computer security, over 200 magazine articles and writes on the security column for InfoWorld. Roger discusses his viewpoints on how security has evolved and where we stand today. He shares his thoughts on how the internet can be fixed, and how most of the hacks can actually be avoided by the user.

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Published Date: July 29, 2009
Presented By: Jossie




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