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Announcing Managed Desktop Optimization Pack 2010 

Posted By:  Adam Bomb 
Publish Date: 2/22/2010

Today, we held a webcast with Forrester where we announced the release of the Managed Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) 2010. MDOP is a toolkit of a bunch of applications and tools to help improve the desktop experience in enterprise environments, with easier management of applications, virtualization, etc. You can find out more about MDOP at
The big news though, in MDOP 2010, is a new version of App-V, the utility that allows you to virtualize applications and make them available from anywhere.

  • App-V is now compatible with x64 platforms including Windows 7, WS2008 R2 and down-level to XP.  
  • App-V enables Windows 7 mobile users to access apps on the road without worrying about install issues or conflicts while. Virtual apps are available offline and can be streamed over the internet. 
  • Virtual applications supported in new local languages, for a total of 24 languages, to meet global business needs.
  • WS 2008 R2 RDS with App-V consolidates servers and provides session virtualization for on premise/remote users via the Internet or Intranet.

There are some great stories coming out around how App-V has accelerated software deployments - the goal was to reduce what takes a full day of work to one hour.  Customers like Florida International University are succeeding.
The Windows and Office teams at Microsoft are working closely together to make Office 2010 a great virtual app experience.  If you were thinking of holding off on your Windows 7 deployment until Office 2010 was ready so you could deploy both at the same time, you don't need to.  Deploy Windows 7 today to start giving users the benefits of the OS, and then quickly deploy Office 2010 via App-V when it's ready.  You'll even be able to run Office 2010 side by side without conflicts.