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Bob Muglia - Senior VP by Day, IT Pro by Night


About This Video
Bob Muglia is the Senior Vice President of our Server and Tools division - that makes him 'kind of a big deal' around here.  A little while ago, I got to attend a meeting with Bob and one of the product teams he looks after, and he mentioned in passing some of the, let's say, 'challenges' he'd had getting certain things configured on his home network.  A VP that does his own network administration?  I was interested enough that I asked Bob if we could talk about that, and he found time in his busy schedule for us to meet. 
In addition to the 9 server infrastructure that runs Bob's house, we talk about the various roles he's had in his 20 years at Microsoft, why he's excited about Server 2008, and how his team went about creating Windows Home Server - the solution for those who would rather leave their IT Pro activities at work.


Published Date: 1/28/2008
Presented By: Adam Bomb



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