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Bytes by TechNet - John Campbell and Harold Wong


About This Video

Excel Services is a service application that enables you to load, calculate, and display Microsoft Excel workbooks on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Join Harold Wong as he interviews John Campbell, program manager with the Excel Services team for Microsoft, to find out how to avoid spreadsheet chaos! They cover what’s new in SharePoint 2010, including real time collaboration on Excel spreadsheets, BI visualization and “slicers.”

About John

John Campbell is a Program Manager on the Excel Services team. He has been working on Excel Services for over 6 years and has worked on most parts of the product during that time including infrastructure, SharePoint integration, publishing, data refresh, and much more. John is particularly passionate about taking the power of Excel + Excel Services to the web. He is passionate about making it easy to collaborate on spreadsheets with friends and family on, and host Excel Services on BPOS to free up IT to focus on great customer service and people. Outside of Excel + the Cloud, John enjoys flyfishing, finding great pizza restaurants, gaming, zombie movies (John wonders about the role of technology when most users are comprised of the walking dead), and spending time with his wife and kids.

About Harold

Harold studied hard to snag an impressive array of certifications, including MCSE, MCT, CNI, CNE and HP Engineering. He's also delivered "too many events to count," and loves talking to customers about technology, especially when it's connected to deployment and better business impacts. Despite his many technological accomplishments, Harold says his biggest challenge has been raising two children. He's a self-described Type A personality with a dash of perfectionism and a rare even temper – all the better for delivering top-notch events. If he wasn't working in technology, Harold says he'd love to get into the kitchen and start chopping, slicing, dicing and creating gourmet masterpieces as a professional chef. Harold's Blog:

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Published Date: August 16, 2010
Presented By: Harold Wong



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