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Cloud Trust at 10,000 feet


About This Video
Doug Cavit, Chief Security Strategist @ Microsoft, gives us great, high-level insights into what you should be thinking about when evaluating the trust of various cloud providers.  We go through a number of questions such as:

[1:46] How do I know my data is safe in the cloud?

[2:48] Who owns my identity in the cloud?

[5:20]  How do you make collaboration happen in the cloud when you have multiple service providers?

[8:00] How do I truly know the data hosted at Microsoft is private and that I will have control over it?

[11:21] What happens if something security-related goes wrong in the cloud?

[15:00] Do you believe that people can truly trust the cloud and how?

Cloud Computing Security Considerations Document
Microsoft's Security Development Lifecycle
Microsoft Trustworthy Computing group (TWC)

Length: 19 minutes


Published Date: April 22, 2010
Presented By: David Tesar




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