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datacenter 4.0


About This Video
By now, hopefully most people have seen Mike Manos'  blog post on our next generation of datacenters, and seen the concept video of what the new datacenters will look like.
After I saw the video, I had a lot of questions about how this all works - I mean, what if it snows?  How do I know my data is secure?  With all your equipment in an environmentally sealed container, what do you do when a piece of equipment inside the container fails?
I was able to sit down with Christian Belady and David Gauthier, two of the architects behind the modular data center vision, to ask them some of these questions.  They answered all these and more, including their thoughts on some of the other initiatives that are coming out in the industry.  good stuff! 

update:  David and Christian have started a blog at


Published Date: December 08, 2008
Presented By: Adam Bomb



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