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Dynamic Access Control demo walkthrough


About This Video

Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control enables information governance by introducing new technologies for centrally controlling access and auditing access to information.

Building on these technologies, Windows Server 2012 File Servers are taking data management to a whole new level by enabling organizations to Identify their data using tagging, Centrally Control Access to that data, Audit and report on access and Encrypt data (using RMS encryption for Office documents)  so that it remains protected as it leaves the Windows File Server

Presenter: Nir Ben-Zvi

Nir Ben-Zvi is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft File Server team. For the past four years, Nir and his team have been developing and enhancing the Windows File Classification Infrastructure to enable organizations to manage their file servers so that they can apply appropriate information governance on their data. Nir has been working in Microsoft for 9 years and participated in all major Windows Server and client releases since Windows Server 2003. Nir has background in Networking, Security and Storage


Published Date: May 15, 2012
Presented By: Nir Ben-Zvi