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Edge Survey Results 2009 

Posted By:  David Tesar 
Publish Date: 7/8/2009

Thanks again for those of you who participated in our 2009 survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and will help us continue to improve TechNet Edge. Below are some of this year’s findings. 

Who Is Visiting the Site?

  • Over half (56%) of TechNet Edge visitors are IT professionals, with about half being corporate IT professionals and about a third being IT consultants. Those who are not IT professionals (44% of visitors) are split between developers, business decision makers, employed students, retirees, and hobbyists.
  • Sixty percent of site visitors are from North America, 20% are from Europe, and approximately 10% are from Asia Pacific.
  • First-time visitors account for 10% of visitors, while over half of all visitors are registered users.

How Is the Site Being Used?

  • The primary focus of most visitors, especially repeat visitors, is learning about MSFT products and technologies.
  • There is also a desire for information to help visitors be more effective in their jobs, and making serendipitous discoveries of “interesting information” while exploring the site.
  • Video interviews, screencasts/podcasts, and search/tagging are the most widely used site features.

Areas of Satisfaction

  • Most visitors are satisfied with the TechNet Edge site, with very few being dissatisfied. Video interviews, screencasts/podcasts, and search/tagging are the features that receive the highest ratings on satisfaction
  • Accuracy, usefulness, appearance, and hearing from Microsoft are the site characteristics receiving the highest level of satisfaction.

Areas for Improvement

  • There is a desire for new content. In particular, there are requests for more “how to’s,” demos, and case studies.
  • The two most important improvement opportunities for users are 1) finding content through search/tags, and 2) the site’s organization.
  • The Perimeter and RSS feeds are below average in terms of usage, importance, and satisfaction.
  • TechNet Edge is perceived as less useful in helping stay connected with peers.

Improvement Ideas

  • Enable anonymous comments - to encourage speaking what's really on your mind or ask simple questions you might be afraid to ask.
  • Create Wiki Buzzword glossary to help people quickly determine what an acronym stands for.
  • Place a menu item linking to all Topic Areas to help people find the information they're looking for more easily on those topics.
  • Replace the Perimeter with a custom Twitter feed to help people better connect with the community.
  • Create a video or text post highlighting some of the not-so-obvious site functionality and features to help people better navigate and consume content on Edge.