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Forefront Secure Endpoint Demo and Interview


About This Video

Adwait Joshi spends ~4 minutes telling us what Microsoft’s Secure Endpoint solution is and what business needs it addresses. He spends the next ~11 minutes giving a demo of part of the Secure Endpoint Solution, specifically:

  • TMG protects a user who is browsing the web, clicking on malicious/undesired URLs. It uses HTTP and HTTPS inspection
  • Configuration options in TMG enable URL filtering, then enable HTTPS inspection and exceptions
  • TMG Monitoring
  • Protection from malicious URLs when outside the corporate network / TMG server via Forefront Client Security (FCS).
  • FCS reporting console and FCS policies

Learn more about the Secure Endpoint Solution
Download a trial of TMG
Download a trial of UAG
Download a trial of FCS


Published Date: December 11, 2009
Presented By: David Tesar




Video: WMV | MP4