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Helping Your CIO Adopt Windows Azure -- Kelley Blue Book Interview


About This Video

Adam is back to tell us more about Windows Azure. This time he’s talking with Andy Lapin, Director of Infrastructure for the US-based auto resource and valuation firm, Kelley Blue Book. Andy and his infrastructure team recently implemented Windows Azure on behalf of their CEO.

Their goal was to add flexibiilty and save money in supporting their website, while replacing their primary failover datacenter with the Windows Azure.

Here’s how the story rolls out.

[2:00] Andy: “The CEO comes to me and says “What’s our cloud strategy?”.”

[3:30] Adam: “How was the IT team involved in setting up the new Windows Azure architecture?”

[8:00] Troubleshooting a site issue after Windows Azure is in-place.

[8:45] What the job looks like now for the data center guys.

[10:40] Demo: The site uses Azure blob and table storage.

Length: 12:33

For a deep dive or a quick surf into resources available for Windows Azure implementers, see the Windows Azure Training Kit.

For the latest white papers and announcements see the Windows Azure page.


Published Date: May 03, 2010
Presented By: Heidi Crawford



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