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Bytes by TechNet - Pat Filoteo and Chris Henley


About this Video

Learn about how Cloud Computing is changing the field of life sciences in this fascinating discussion between Chris Henley and Pat Filoteo, Architect RD for Microsoft. Find out how Microsoft Research, the University of Washington and the Windows Azure team partnered on an enzyme analysis project that was completed at a fraction of the time and cost, utilizing Cloud Computing. Pat fills us in on the economic and technical benefits of Cloud Computing, and much more.

About Pat

Pat Filoteo is a Senior Architect for Microsoft Corporation, working on the Windows Azure development team.  Prior to this he was the CTO for the Incubation/Emerging technologies group, bringing a diverse portfolio of products & initiatives to market including High Performance Computing, Voice-Over-IP, & Business Productivity Online Suite.

About Chris

Chris is passionate about learning, sharing his knowledge, and best of all, he's extremely passionate about technology. He loves showing people how new tools and products can improve their businesses and especially, their lives. Chris has delivered thousands of live presentations and gave the keynote speech at the NPA Awards during Interop 2005. He's also active in the community, and is currently developing a television series to highlight great work in the not-for-profit sector. Chris has a diverse roster of role models, including George Washington, Steve Ballmer, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Victor Frankl. His other loves? Entomology, fly-fishing, "building things" and dessert. Chris claims he's on a lifelong quest to find the best steak and chocolate cake on Earth: "The only time I ever said 'no' to dessert was when I didn't understand the question." Chris's Blog:

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Published Date: September 27, 2010
Presented By: Chris Henley




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