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How to Optimally Use SQL Server with SSD’s Without Burning Them Out


About This Video

While SSD’s are a mayor game changer for SQL Server as they can offer your databases many advantages at a very reasonable price. There are however concerns with the write lifetime and while manufacturers on paper will give you high MTBF values, these are measured for “normal’ disk usage.

As we all know databases don’t behave like your average fileserver and since there are only so many writes a memory block can handle, SSD’s will if not properly configured, (to) soon be reaching dangerous levels of ware. This degradation will result in serious performance drops and even worse, an increased risk of data corruption.

In this session we will see why they perform so much better, what’s good, what’s not, the ins and outs of how they work and by doing so giving you ways to prevent burning out your SSD’s in less than 2 years.

SQL Server Days 2011 is brought to you by the Belgian SQL Server User Group ( VZW) in collaboration with Microsoft Belux.


Published Date: January 16, 2012
Presented By: Karel Coenye




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