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Hyper-V Part 1 - Architecture - Interview with PMs


About This Video

John Howard, Ben Armstrong, Bryon Surace are program managers in the server virtualization team and give us the technical details on various components of the Hyper-V architecture.  In part 1 we cover:

  • Overview of the architecture    
    • Where the virtual service provider (VSP) and virtual service client (VSC) fit in
    •  What the VMBUS does
    • How a disk operation occurs through this architecture
  • [08:35] Comparison of fixed, dynamic, and differencing VHD disks

For more on architecture and the advantages Hyper-V has over 3rd party virtualization solutions,  check out another Edge video with other program managers.


Published Date: June 26, 2008
Presented By: David Tesar



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