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IE 8 security PM video interview


About This Video

Kymberlee Price, Program Manager for the IE 8 team, gives us insight into IE 8 and browser security.  She starts off by answering why there sometimes is a perception IE 8 is less secure than other browsers.  The rest of the interview breaks down as follows:

[1:47] Some areas where IE 8 stands out with innovation in security

  • Smart Screen Filter 
  • [3:27]  Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) - [4:22] Why we chose to protect against just one of the types of attacks
  • [5:15]  Click Jacking – what it is,  [7:36] what we’re doing to tackle this problem, and general guidelines [8:43] to know if you’re website is susceptible to this type of attack

[10:10] What are the most prevalent threats in browser security and how it relates to the “Month of browser bugs”

[13:31] What the IE team does to stay ahead of the curve with security

[16:02] Personal story with IE 8 and family security features

If you decide to tune in to “Over the Edge” at [17:34] you’ll hear about: stained glass, Blue Hat, US Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation, IE 8 on Win 7, Hack or Halo, Kim Possible, Ship It, Spawn’s Agent 8, Cat woman, Rosie the Riveter, Dilbert, Def Con, and her book recommendations.



Published Date: April 06, 2009
Presented By: David Tesar




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