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IE8 Beta 2 screencast demo and Interview


About This Video
IE8 Beta 2 has launched today!  We sat down with James Pratt, Product Manager for IE 8 focused on enterprises, who tells us about what's new and why an IT Pro should care about IE8 in their environment.  We cover a number of different areas:

Screencast / Demo : Webslice use for an enterprise company

What does standards-based browser mean and why did IE8 decide to do this now?

Reasoning behind the decision on how IE8 behaves by default (IE8 native mode versus IE7 emulation)

Screencast / Demo :

  • Compatibility view with a sample website

  • Compatibility configuration options and group policies an enterprise might use

How to upgrade IE6 to IE8 and what our thinking is

  • Upgrade the website to be compatible with IE8 (developers)

  • Use a virtual PC solution

  • Kidaro (now called MDEV as a part of MDOP) - server virtualize IE6

  • Why you can't use Softgrid to virtualize IE6

How we're making IE8 more secure

Screencast / Demo :

  • Smartscreen filter

  • How to move the Internet Explorer 8 stop and refresh buttons

How the phishing service works
The URL/IP mentioned you need to allow access to the service:

Download IE8 Beta 2

Watch Matt Hester's screencasts on IE8 Beta 2


Published Date: August 27, 2008
Presented By: David Tesar



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