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Inside the SQL 2008 Ship room


About This Video

Have you ever wondered what the last meeting before a product ships is like?  I used to think that it was a very NASA like "go or no go" with a bunch of people in a room in front of computers and wearing headsets.  The reality is very similar with the cast of characters stuffed into a conference room in front of laptops and a signature sheet on the whiteboard replacing a 'roll call'.  Take a look at this unique insiders view of the SQL 2008 Ship Room meeting.

Oh and in case you have not heard, we released to manufacturing (RTM) SQL Server 2008 last Thursday morning.  If you are an MSDN or TechNet Plus subscriber, the RTM bits are available now from the subscriber downloads.  If you are not a subscriber, we  have a 180 day trial version for you to play with


Published Date: August 19, 2008
Presented By: Joey Snow



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