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Ken Rosen on the Microsoft Certified Career Conference


About This Video

When I heard about the Microsoft Certified Career Conference, I got really interested - so interested that I even submitted a session that I'll be presenting. Helping IT Pros plan their careers, or getting in to the industry, is something I'm passionate about, so I think this conference is a brilliant idea.

Ken does a great job of explaining it all to me in this interview, but in a nutshell, this is an online conference, and will have sessions running for 24 hours, so regardless of where in the world you are, or what else you have going that day, you should be able to drop in for at least a couple of sessions. Plus, you'll get access to recruiters from several major companies in the industry, including Microsoft. In addition to great technical content, like certification exam reviews, there are sessions on resume writing, interview tips, and all the 'soft' skills that we sometimes overlook.

If you're not registered already, head on over to and check out the agenda and get yourself registered. You can also keep up with the latest news about the conference from Microsoft Learning's blog,, or on facebook at

The conference is a steal for $50, but the guys at MSL generously offered a discount for Edge viewers - just use promo code EDGE30 when you register for a 30% discount.

See you there!


Published Date: October 25, 2010
Presented By:  Adam Bomb