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Linux / Samba / Unix and Microsoft Integration Chat with Ralf Wigand


About This Video
While I was at IT Forum, I attended Ralf Wigand's IDA406 session entitled: "Broaden your Active Directory Horizon – Linux Authentication" and thought it would be great to interview him.  Ralf is on the IT staff from the University of Karlsruhe and has worked with Linux since the days of Minix. In this interview we talked about where he currently commonly sees environment integration with Linux / Unix and Services for Unix (SFU), the benefits of each operating system platform, and where he would like to see the Microsoft / Linux integration story moving forward. He gives tips on common mistakes and best practices with integration of Linux/Samba and Microsoft servers and resources on where to go to make this happen. What are your thoughts on Microsoft and Linux / Unix integration?


Published Date: 11/29/2007
Presented By: David Tesar



Video: WMV | MP4