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MED-V Addresses the Bottom Line 

Posted By:  Yung Chou
Publish Date: 6/9/2009

Directly from a published MED-V case study:

Without MED-V, TÜV NORD employees in India would have had to connect to the company’s Terminal Services system in Germany, which would have required significantly more bandwidth (4MB instead of 500KB) at an additional annual cost of approximately U.S.$585,000.

“It’s much cheaper to install a MED-V image on a client than to give an inspector in India a separate computer and Internet connection,” Boerger explains. “Moving forward, we anticipate that offices in some countries won’t need complete, local IT infrastructures. With MED-V, we’ll be able to provide what they need at a fraction of the cost.”

To find out more about MED-V, start with the home page at . I have also published  Mad About MED-V screencast series to help you get a quick technical overview of MED-V. And notice all Microsoft published case studies are available at .