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Microsoft Virtual Academy: Breakthrough Insights using SQL Server 2012 : Scalable data warehouse and Beyond relational (Module 7) - Taking Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Beyond Relational Into The Realm Of Spatial Data Management


About This Video

SQL Server is providing extensive support for two-dimensional spatial data processing. This presentation is providing a short introduction to the world of spatial data processing. It will talk about use cases and how the SQL Server Spatial technology helps solve the common spatial questions such as where are the nearest restaurants, and it will discuss the difference between planar and geodetic Spatial data and requirements. Finally it will present the new spatial capabilities introduced in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and talk about how to utilize Spatial indices to provide performing spatial queries.

This video is part of the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA), The MVA is a free program delivering structured learning paths for IT Professionals on various Microsoft products and solutions.

After watching this video, visit:, enroll in this course and take the self-assessment. For every module you take and every self-assessment you complete, you will be awarded points. These points build up to levels and the higher the level you achieve, the more opportunities you have to participate in MVA offers.


Published Date: March 02, 2012
Presented By: Microsoft Virtual Academy