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Microsoft Volume Licensing


About This Video

A very simple way to understand how the Software Assurance and Licensing works. When the license is acquired, the right to the use of the latest version of the software is obtained without the need of having a later version to the one purchased. With Software Assurance, Microsoft offers a range of complementary solutions to the license such as:

  • Access at any time to the program purchased by the duration of the contract.
  • Training.
  • Technical support.

Now, however, the license and Software Assurance may be combined with a pooled purchase reference. So the company has the option to acquire his service in various ways of payment: full of cash, annual or number of licenses.

With the subscription program you can use the software for a time specific contract. For instance, using the the latest version of software during the first three years in a certain computer. So, the company saves money and gets the guarantee for the software.

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Published Date: March 01, 2012
Presented By: Alejandro Díaz - Sketch Inc