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NAP and Forefront


About This Video
If you've seen NAP demo'd in the past year or so, chances are the demo was shown with NAP in conjunction with the Windows Security Center, since by default that's the System Health Agent (SHA) included with Vista.  NAP has an extendable architecture, which allows other providers to write their own SHA's so that NAP works with other products as well.
In this 9 minute demo, Jeff Sigman from the Nap team shows NAP working with Forefront Client Security (FCS) for enforcement and remediation.  In his own words:

I recorded a video earlier today because of how excited I was to show off the latest development in the world of NAP. The NAP team has worked directly with the  Solutions Accelerators team as well as the Forefront team to bring you integration between NAP and Forefront Client Security (FCS) 1.0. Once released, it will be a free download through the Solutions Accelerators TechNet site.


Published Date: 3/4/2008
Presented By: Adam Bomb



Video: WMV