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Real World Azure: Cloud Computing Business Scenarios


About This Video
Joey and Brian return, sketching out how to identify applications which can move to the cloud. IT Pro Technical Evangelist, Joey Snow considers the buzz from business owners and senior IT Pros: “I’m seriously drowning in costs and not helping the business move forward. IT is a strategic asset to the business. Can I use the cloud to help me?”

Senior Architect Evangelist, Brian Prince ties it all together in two, real world business scenarios on the white board.

Includes bonus: the happy user

Length: 14:15

[0:01] How can I use the cloud to approach IT needs strategically?

[3:45] Pharmaceutical industry business scenario on the whiteboard

[10:42] Drawing the Storage Area Network example

Here’s more on cloud computing from Joey: An Overview of Cloud Computing, The IT Professionals’ Role and Windows Azure and IT Software as a Service on Windows Azure.


Published Date: March 23, 2010
Presented By: Heidi Crawford




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