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SBS 2008 Setup PM demo and interview


About This Video

Becky Ochs, Program manager for setup and OEM of  Small Business Server 2008 (codename Cougar), tells us what changes have been made in the product since SBS 2003.  She demos the setup wizard of an OEM server using the unattend file, shows the new feature set on the SBS console, and explains the majority of the GUI options on the new SBS Answer File tool (SBSAfg).  Also, she explains things you might ask yourself like: why you can't rename the domain name for an SBS server and why you can't use a routable public IP.

If you decide to tune in to "Over the Edge" at 23:49, you can hear from Becky about what it's like being a woman in IT, her opinion on why more women are not in IT, the IGNITE program, and a general tip for women who want to get started in IT.

Download the public preview version of EBS & SBS at:


Published Date: May 19, 2008
Presented By: David Tesar



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