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Security Talk: Windows Azure Security - A Peek Under the Hood


About This Video
Windows Azure uses a large, homogeneous, shared-hardware computing base to host a diverse collection of customer applications that are exposed to users from the Internet. And it's all built on top of Windows. How could that possibly be secure?

In this installment of the Security Talk webcast series, Charlie Kaufman describes how the Azure software is structured to accept software and configuration requests from customers, deploy the software within virtual machines, and allocate storage and database resources to hold a persistent state—all while maintaining a minimal attack surface and several layers of defense in depth. Charlie also helps you evaluate how Azure security compares with systems operated on a customer's premises.

Duration: 50 minutes

[ 1:06 ] How is Windows Azure structured to help minimize the attack surface?
[ 15:20 ] How does Windows Azure deal with attacks by an "unruley"  tenant?
[ 31:38 ] How does Windows Azure deal with attacks by an end user?

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Published Date: August 19, 2010
Presented By: David Tesar




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