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Server 2008 - AD Backup and Restore PM interview


About This Video

I met up with Stephanie Cheung, the program manager for active directory backup and recovery and we discuss:

  •    What  restartable AD is and when it is appropriate to use it    
    • Good for usage when you want to recover deleted objects without rebooting
    • Bad for when you need to do a "bare metal" restore or have database corruption
  • Thoughts around when to do a "Dcpromo /forceremoval" versus restoring from backup.  This includes discussion of restoring using  install from media (IFM) and IFM for an RODC.
  • What the  database mounting tool (DMT - old name "snapshot" tool) does and some ideas on what we're going to do to make recovery of deleted objects easier using DMT.
  • A best practice around preventing deletion of objects in AD (including the new " Protect object from accidental deletion" checkbox for objects).
  • Future thoughts for AD backup and restore, such as reducing  forest recovery time
  • General disaster recovery tips


Published Date: April 11, 2008
Presented By: David Tesar



Video: WMV | MP4