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About This Video

At the Windows HIED conference in December, I had the opportunity to sit down with Randy Wiemer from the University of Missouri.  Randy helped me understand  Shibboleth, a solution that many institutions are using to share claims-based authorization between departments and services and even across Internet2 as partnerships are established.  In a VM environment, he demonstrates integration of Shibboleth with ADFS to sign in to a SharePoint site with a user account in Linux.

Since the conference, Microsoft has introduced DreamSpark, a method for students to gain access to Microsoft dev and design tools at no charge .  Shibboleth is one of the identity providers DreamSpark has implemented so Universities can provide authorization for students.  This means the students can log in using their username and password from the University, but that information doesn't need to be shared with anyone outside the University.  For more information see the FAQ.


Published Date: March 24, 2008
Presented By: Michael Greene



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