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SQL Server Day: Hyper-SQL, Running SQL Server in a virtual environment


About This Video

Recording from the SQL Server Day 2010 in Belgium (December 2, 2010):

While Server virtualization is a hot topic, there are a lot of issues when virtualizing SQL Server. In a virtual world, SQL Server is unique because of the potential resource demands it can (and probably will) place on the hardware. So when you want to use Hyper-V technology, allowing you to use virtual machines in a production environment, you will want to optimize your VM for SQL Server. During this session we will talk about the key pitfalls of a virtual SQL server environment and how to avoid them, allowing you to turn it into a Hyper-SQL giving you the best of both worlds.

Speaker: Karel Coenye

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Published Date: January 07, 2011
Presented By: Anthony de Bruyn