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SQL Server Forensic Analysis - Playing CSI with databases


About This Video
This is a recording from an event organized on February 28, 2011 by the Belgian SQLUG (

You get a call from a colleague who thinks that his financial information system has been hacked. Of course this system uses a SQL Server Database back-end. In this session we'll uncover the basics of digital forensics: how to find out whether the system has been accessed by the intruder? What data has been accessed? Was there anything modified? We'll learn on how to find evidence of what happened and also on how to create a report that can be served as evidence in a court of law.

Tom Van Zele is a seasoned IT professional with more than 10 years experience, first in large scale Active Directory implementations, later moving on to SQL Server. His focus lies on infrastructure & security. You can follow Tom on his blog and Twitter @tvanzele.


Published Date: April 01, 2011
Presented By: Anthony de Bruyn




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