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System Center Opalis 6.3 demo with Adam Hall


About This Video

With the recent release of Opalis 6.3, I wanted to see what was new, so I dropped by Adam Hall's office to get a little show and tell demo.
The workflow in Opalis is really powerful. It has a ton of common IT activities built in, so it makes it really easy to automate the common troubleshooting tasks that Admins often go through, like restarting services, or rebooting servers, that you can just drag and drop to create a workflow. You can get more advanced, too - for example, if you had a workflow that restarts a stopped service, but the service stops more than 3 times in an hour, you could have Opalis notify you and raise a service request ticket. Adam showed me how to do all that and more.
You can find out more about Opalis, and download a 180-day eval copy, at


Published Date: December 07, 2010
Presented By: Adam Bomb