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Getting to know UAG


About This Video
During this session we will take a birds eye view on UAG and how this product can help you make your internal resources available to your users in a Hybride cloud networking world. We will explore the world of portal publishing making any app you have available for you mobile workforce and seamless networking. Where does this product differ from TMG and why is it a perfect fit for the cloud of tomorrow?

Session level: 200

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About the speaker

Tom Decaluwé

Tom Decaluwé

After a wonderful youth studying and discovering the world I graduated with an IT degree and started my fist job as an IT-technician at a small local company gradually building up my skills and certifying myself on a number of platforms (MCSE – CCNA – ITIL – Prince²). As of today I’m working as a network and systems manager for an international footwear retail group based in Belgium. Apart from my day to day job I founded the IT-Talks community. Our community in contrast to others doesn’t focus on one single product, we focus on the concept of hands on community based learning and sharing of knowledge and experiences. On a regular basis we organize Talk events where everybody brings over their laptop and like at a Lan party we plug-in to a co-shared network and boot up virtual labs. I’m currently an MVP for the Forefront product range and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.



Published Date: May 13, 2011
Presented By: Anthony de Bruyn