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Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud with System Center 2012


About This Video

In this session we will look at how we monitor and operate services in the private cloud and how we monitor Windows Azure applications. Once you have the infrastructure deployed for the Private Cloud, you need to monitor your resources to ensure your infrastructure Service Levels. Also, you have to maintain this environment and protect from outages while minimizing costs, leveraging the existing infrastructure and ensure the services running are getting the resources they need. We’ll take a look at how we control who has access to these resources and how much of the resources they access, ensure these services run on approved versions of the operating system and easily update and maintain these services whether it is the Operating System or the application. For applications, we will explore how we consolidate Azure subscriptions with App Controller to allow organizations to delegate access to them, and how IT can provide Application owners and developers with access to rich performance monitoring information with deep code-level insight into how the application is performing for the end user. We will close out by looking at the service delivery & automation aspects of building an integrated CMDB and driving proactive and reactive processes.


Published Date: February 18, 2012
Presented By: Adam Hall




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