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TechEd 2008 Keynote Wrap-up


About This Video

Bob Muglia announced the release of Beta 3 for ILM, SQL 2008 RC0, and also seemed to be confident that MS will release Hyper-V "sometime" before the promised date of this August.  The intro was about 10 minutes and had quite a few people playing the drums and dancing.  For the continuaton of the HHH, they used a couple of the same videos from the windows server launch in LA. 

You can view the entire keynote at  TechEd Online and the individual demos from the keynote (ILM, desktop virtualization, VMM, and online services) on the  Presspass site.  For a deeper dive into these topics you may also want to watch our  interviews with the ILM product team, some of our  virtualization videos, or  online services product team interview


Published Date: June 11, 2008
Presented By: David Tesar



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