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TechNet Radio: “A conversation with Dean Hachamovitch, GM of the Internet Explorer team—Part 1”


About This Video
Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager of the Internet Explorer team talks with us about the browser. We talk about how IE got to where it is today in version six and why development seemed to stop on browser technology after IE 6. We also hear what prompted IE7, what lies within IE 7 and finally the future of the browser past IE 7.


Dean Hachamovitch

Dean Hachamovitch leads the Internet Explorer team. He has been present at Microsoft for a number of years, and you can find his imprint starting with early versions of Microsoft Office products. You may not know him personally, but you'll know him if you miss Clippy, the character Dean turned off in Office.




Published Date: December 20, 2007
Presented By: Chris Caldwell



Video: WMV (ZIP)