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TechNet Radio: Microsoft Cloud Services: Windows Azure in Education


About This Video
The United States' current focus on education and accountability from district to state and to the national level, calls for new solutions that allow collaboration, deep reporting capabilities, and secure access. The cloud is the ideal platform for building such solutions.

Patrick McDermott, IT Director of the San Juan School District in Utah, USA has experience with IT solutions for education and is looking to Windows Azure as a way to help education become more accountable and provide better services to students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the US state and federal governments. Patrick talks with Karen Forster from  Platform Vision and Sandy Sharma and Scott Golightly from Advaiya about Windows Azure and education.

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Total Duration: 32:12

[ 3:01 ] What is Cloud Computing and what is its relevance in education?
[ 11:29 ] How secure is Windows Azure?
[ 22:45 ] How does Windows Azure affect an IT Pro's day to day job?

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Published Date: April 13, 2010
Presented By: Chris Caldwell




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