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TechNet Radio: System Performance Enhancements in Windows Vista: An interview with Matt Ayers & Alex Kirshenbaum


About This Video
Matt Ayers and Alex Kirshenbaum discuss with Michael Murphy performance benefits in Windows Vista, and help you understand how you can take advantage of these new features to optimize client performance. Matt & Alex go into detail on a number of breakthrough technologies that will provide you with a much more consistently responsive experience.


Mike Ward & Charlie Harger

Your show hosts.

Michael Murphy

IT Pro Evangelist

Matt Ayers

Matt Ayers is a Program Manager on the Windows Client Performance Team working on features that help make Windows Vista a faster product including everything from SuperFetch to new technologies and innovations on the performance side of Windows Vista.

Alex Kirshenbaum

Alex Kirshenbaum is a Software Design Engineer on the ReadyBoost Team which uses Flash drives to improve system performance in Windows Vista.

Aurora Queen

TechNet Radio Producer and Event Reporter



Published Date: December 20, 2007
Presented By: Chris Caldwell



Video: WMV (ZIP)