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Windows HPC Server 2008 released to manufacturing 

Posted By:  Neil Hutson 
Publish Date: 9/22/2008

This morning we just announced the release of Windows HPC Server 2008 to manufacturing. This is a major milestone and ensures that the HPC offering supports the Windows Server 2008 release.

This release will enable no scientist to be left behind in their pursuit by making it a lot easier for them to approach the technology, but it will also bring this into the reach of mainstream computing, but provding developers with a high level programing abstraction, so that they can quickly crunch business data.

The community site for Windows Server 2008 is at Windows HPC Server and details about how to download the software can be found at  after 12pm PST.

If you are new to this area, we have a lot of great screencasts and interviews with the product team on the site which can help guide you through.

The main list can be found by selecting the HPC Tag Section.