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Windows 8 Dynamic Access Control


About This Video

John Craddock has been working with claims-based identity for a number of years; imagine the excitement when he discovered Windows 8 will provide Dynamic Access control based on claims carried in the user’s Kerberos token. Not only can you have user claims but also claims about the device that is accessing the resource.

Combine claims based identity with data tagging and auditing and you have the potential to build systems that implement enterprise authorization schemes that will match the needs for compliance, security auditing and forensics. Visualise the potential when authorization rules can be built to allow read access to a resource based on (Resource.Department = HR) AND (User.Department = HR) AND (device.ManagedBy = HR). All done without the need for groups!

Come to this session and discover the details behind Dynamic Access Control in Windows 8. The session is packed with demos.


Published Date: March 05, 2012
Presented By: John Craddock




Video: WMV (ZIP) (no longer available)