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WinRE and free stuff with Sean Kearney


About This Video
Our team in Canada was nice enough to invite me up to deliver a few sessions at their touring TechDays events, which have been a lot of fun - I've met a bunch of great folks and had a chance to practice my Canadian language skills.
While we were in Calgary, I sat down with Sean Kearney to talk about the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) and some of his favorite free tools for IT Pros, which were the topics he was presenting for TechDays.  You may not recognize Sean's name, but if you've ever heard "Highway to Powershell" or a host of other IT-related cover songs, you've seen his work.
Seeing his sessions, it was clear that, aside from his quirky humor, Sean knows his tech, too.  He volunteers his time with and can be reached at


Published Date: December 02, 2009
Presented By: Adam Bomb



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