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How to Grow Your Business In a New Region with Exchange

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Remote Offices provide a unique challenge to IT departments. The business units need the IT Department to deliver the same level of collaboration and tools enjoyed by users at the main offices.

Remote offices can be anywhere, in high streets of major towns and cities; they could be on major construction sites, or even in emerging markets. Usually remote office locations do not enjoy the luxury of being able to host lots of servers. They certainly don't enjoy the benefit of having fully skilled IT staff on site. How do you deliver IT services in these environments?

Virtualization provides a solution to these challenges. The ability to deliver virtualized server environments to remote users solves two key issues. First that all users, regardless of location, can have access to the applications they need. The second is that management of these services and the applications that interact with them can be managed from the datacenter. Updates can be applied easily to the central location, licenses can be controlled and the amount of data crossing the internet can be reduced drastically. To connect to these resources a user simply needs an internet connection.

Microsoft Exchange Server can be virtualized to provide each office a secure, managed email and calendaring environment. The steps on this page shows you how to you can deliver Exchange collaboration solutions to new locations as your business requires.

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