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Deploy a private cloud infrastructure using virtualization

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Cloud computing creates new challenges for IT Pros, offering powerful new capabilities that can cut costs while delivering new value.

Using Hyper-V, System Center Virtual Machine Manager and Operations Manager, organizations can bring the "cloud" architecture agility to their own datacenters. This is commonly referred to as a "private cloud".

Private Cloud concept brings together the mindset of resiliency over redundancy, predictability through homogenization and standardization, resource (compute, network and storage) pooling, virtualization, fabric management, elasticity, partitioning of shared resources, and cost transparency.

Below you will find how to translate these concepts into the reality of your datacenter.

Deploying a Virtualized Session-Based Remote Desktop Services Solution
Guidance on deploying Remote Desktop Session Host (RD Session Host) and other Remote Desktop Services role services in a virtualized environment with minimal hardware resources.

Creating a Private Cloud – Part 1: Setup
Microsoft IT Architect Alan Le Marquand explains how to deploy a Hyper-V based private cloud.

Creating a Private Cloud – Part 2: Configuration
With your private cloud deployed, Microsoft IT Architect Alan Le Marquand walks through the steps of initial configuration and management.

Hyper-V Security Solution Accelerator
Download a comprehensive guide to securing Hyper-V and virtual machines.

Virtualization How-Do-I Videos
Explore a comprehensive video library of virtualization lessons.

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