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Prepare your MultiPoint Services system for users

Liza Poggemeyer|Last Updated: 10/21/2016

After you install and configure MultiPoint Services, and perform any additional configuration and hardware setups, you are ready to give users access to the system. You will need to plan and create user accounts. In some environments, you also need to configure stations for auto-logon and allow multiple sessions for your shared user accounts. And you need to decide how to set up file sharing for your users. All of these topics are covered in this section.


After you create your user accounts and make the other configuration updates to prepare for users, we recommend that you turn on Disk Protection so that no user can inadvertently make changes to system files and settings. For more information, see Configure Disk Protection.

Use the following information to prepare your system:
Plan user accounts for your MultiPoint services environment
Example scenarios for user accounts creation
Create local user accounts in MultiPoint Services
Limit users' access to the server
Configure stations for automatic logon
Allow one account to have multiple sessions
Enable file sharing

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