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Corey Plett|Last Updated: 11/16/2016

Applies To: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

Sets the context, options, verbose mode, and metadata file for shadow copy creation. If used without parameters, set lists all current settings.


set context {clientaccessible | persistent [nowriters] | volatile [nowriters]}  
set option {[differential | plex] [transportable] [[rollbackrecover] [txfrecover] | [noautorecover]]}  
set verbose {on|off}  
set metadata <>  

Set sub-commands

contextSets the context for shadow copy creation. See Set context for syntax and parameters.
optionSets options for shadow copy creation. See Set option for syntax and parameters.
verboseTurns the verbose output mode on or off. See Set verbose for syntax and parameters.
metadataSets the name and location of the shadow creation metadata file. See Set metadata for syntax and parameters.
\/?Displays help at the command prompt.

additional references

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