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Windows Vista Business Case

Telling your company about Windows Vista


Excited about Windows Vista? Want to tell your colleagues and managers about the benefits of the new OS? This brief summary of Windows Vista business benefits can help you get others in your company interested.

 Business Benefits:Because Windows Vista offers:

Find and Use Information

Increasing user productivity by making it easier to find and use information.

  • Built-in diagnostics, SuperFetch and ReadyBoost capabilities for a more reliable, high performing and responsive PC and higher user productivity.
  • Powerful, integrated search capabilities that save users time by helping them find just about anything on their PCs quickly.
  • New user interface (Windows Aero) that provides better stability, improved user experience, richer visualization and easier navigation.

Enable Mobile Workforce

Enabling a better connected, more collaborative and more secure mobile workforce.

  • Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption that protects data if laptop is lost or stolen.
  • More secure wireless connections that protects mobile users on the go.
  • Windows Meeting Space for peer-to-peer ad-hoc meetings.

Improve Security and Compliance

Helping protect your data, secure your environment, and make it easier to achieve compliance with regulations and policies.

  • User Account Control that reduces the attack surface area while minimizing disruptions to user productivity.
  • Enhanced online security with Windows Vista browser protected mode and anti-phishing that help protect user identity and data.
  • Granular event logging, auditing and tracking to enable compliance.

Optimize Desktop Infrastructure

Reducing cost and complexity of deploying, managing, and supporting your company PCs.

  • New imaging format that allows for hardware and language independence to reduce number of desktop images needed when deploying to corporate PCs with a variety of hardware and language settings.
  • Advance Group Policies to better manage critical usage scenarios and corporate PCs.
  • Self-healing and better supportability to reduce helpdesk calls.

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