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Sideload Windows Store Apps in Windows 8

Sideload Apps for an Individual User

You can install an app package (.appx file) on a per-user basis by using the Add-AppxPackage Windows PowerShell cmdlet. There is no limit to the number of apps you can add for each user by using this cmdlet. The Add-AppxPackage cmdlet and other app package management cmdlets are in the appx module, which must be loaded in Windows PowerShell before you can run any of the cmdlets.

Load the appx module by running the following Windows PowerShell command:

Import-Module appx

When you install an app package, the Add-AppxPackage cmdlet can automatically add any other app packages required for app package installation by using the DependencyPath parameter, as shown in the following example:

Add-AppxPackage -Path “\\Server01\AppPackages\MyApp.appx” –DependencyPath “\\Server01\AppPackages\winjs.appx”

You can specify multiple apps by specifying multiple DependencyPath parameters, as shown in the following example:

Add-AppxPackage -Path “\\Server01\AppPackages\MyApp.appx” -DependencyPath “\\Server01\AppPackages\Framework-x64.appx” -DependencyPath “\\Server01\AppPackages\Framework-x86.appx”

The Add-AppxPackage cmdlet displays the installation process. When installation is complete, go to the Start screen and click the app tile to start the app.

You must run the Add-AppxPackage cmdlet for each user the first time they log on to a Window 8 device. If two users use the same device, you will need to run the Add-AppxPackage cmdlet for both users. You would typically run the Add-AppxPackage cmdlet as part of an automated software-distribution system or systems management product.