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Windows Deployment for Education

Find resources to help you plan for and deploy Windows 8.1 to desktops, laptops, ultrabooks, tablets, and other devices in educational institutions.

Windows 8.1 Deployment Guides

Download or view online step-by-step guidance on how to deploy Windows 8.1 in an academic environment.

Download Windows 8.1 Deployment Planning: A Guide for Education Windows 8.1 Deployment Planning

Explore key considerations and questions that should be answered when planning for Windows 8.1 deployment.
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Download Windows 8.1 Deployment to PCs: A Guide for Education Windows 8.1 Deployment to PCs

Get an overview of Windows 8.1 deployment to PCs in an educational environment.
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Download Windows Store Apps: A Guide for Education Windows Store Apps

Explore Windows Store app deployment strategies and considerations for educational institutions running Windows 8.1.
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Download Windows To Go: A Guide for Education Windows To Go

Learn about the benefits, limitations, and processes involved in deploying Windows To Go.
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Download BYOD Devices: A Guide for Education BYOD Devices

Explore Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) considerations, including device types, infrastructure, and deployment models.
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Download Deploying Windows RT 8.1: A Guide for Education Deploying Windows RT 8.1

Get step-by-step instructions on how to configure and deploy Windows RT devices (like Surface and other tablets) in educational environments.
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Download Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: A Guide for Education Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Learn how to address challenges related to BYOD scenarios using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).
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