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Windows 8 shortcuts

Applies to: Windows 8, Windows 8.1

In March, Kurt Walter did a great piece on Windows 8 and the new shortcut keys for the Windows Team Blog. Windows 8 is a great touch experience, but now that I have been using it on my desktop for a few months, I have come to see that it is also a fast and fluid keyboard and mouse experience once you know a few shortcuts. Most of the current Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts that you use every day still work. Windows logo key+L still locks, Windows logo key+E still brings up the Explorer, and Windows logo key+R still launches the run command.

That said, here are some additional Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts that make Windows 8 that much easier to use on your PC:

Key(s)Windows 8 Functionality
Windows logo key+spacebarSwitch input language and keyboard layout
Windows logo key+OLocks device orientation
Windows logo key+YTemporarily peeks at the desktop
Windows logo key+VCycles through toasts
Windows logo key+Shift+VCycles through toasts in reverse order
Windows logo key+EnterLaunches Narrator
Windows logo key+PgUpMoves Metro style apps to the monitor on the left
Windows logo key+PgDownMoves Metro style apps to the monitor on the right
Windows logo key+Shift+.Moves the gutter to the left (snaps an application)
Windows logo key+.Moves the gutter to the right (snaps an application)
Windows logo key+C Opens Charms bar 
Windows logo key+IOpens Settings charm
Windows logo key+KOpens Connect charm
Windows logo key+HOpens Share charm
Windows logo key+QOpens Search pane
Windows logo key+WOpens Settings Search app
Windows logo key+FOpens File Search app
Windows logo key+TabCycles through Metro style apps
Windows logo key+Shift+TabCycles through Metro style apps in reverse order
Windows logo key+Ctrl+TabCycles through Metro style apps and snaps them as they are cycled
Windows logo key+Z Opens App Bar 

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