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Plan for Windows 10

Prepare to deploy Windows 10 in your organization. Explore deployment methods, compatibility tools, and servicing options—or browse the lifecycle to find additional resources.

Explore Windows 10 features Learn how to plan for Windows 10 deployment Get step-by-step Windows 10 deployment guidance Find out how to manage and optimize Windows 10 devices Troubleshoot issues and find fixes


Application compatibility   |   End user readiness   |   Mobility   |   Security and control   |   Training and certification

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Windows 10 deployment scenarios
Explore the new in-place upgrade and dynamic provisioning options, and traditional methods.

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Use Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness
Use this three-part interactive guide to manage your upgrade process from end to end.

Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness

Provisioning packages for Windows 10
Learn how to quickly and efficiently configure a device without having to install a new image.

Provisinoning options in Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer

Assess compatibility

Get best practices and tools to help you address compatibility issues prior to deployment.

Play the video Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness
Learn how to discover, rationalize, and evaluate apps and drivers for Windows 10 compatibility with this free service.

Explore upgrade options

Learn about the options available for upgrading Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 PCs and devices to Windows 10.

Play the video Say goodbye to clean installs of Windows 10
Learn why the days of the clean install and the “golden image” are in the past when it comes to Windows deployment.

Choose your deployment method

Explore the most commonly used tools for Windows 10 deployment, and learn how to combine tools for a complete deployment solution.

Play the video What's new with Windows 10 deployment
Walk through the advantages and limitations of the various Windows 10 deployment methods.

Choose a servicing strategy

Windows as a service provides ongoing new capabilities and updates while maintaining a high level of hardware and software compatibility.

Play the video Implementing Windows as a service
Get tips on how to implement Windows as a service and how to integrate it into your overall deployment strategy.

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